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Comic Books–Don’t Knock ’em

My younger son, now the father of two daughters,  just booked his room for this year’s Comic-Con. He goes every year for the pure love of it, always has, but, these days, he also counts it as a business expense. Animation is his game and he has managed to build an impressive filmography. Google Ethan Hurd. 

I wish his fourth grade teacher could see him now. 

At a parent-teacher conference, she criticized me for letting my son waste so much time reading comic books. Feeling defensive, I remember saying “at least he’s reading something.”  No good. She insisted that he didn’t “read” them, he “looked” at them, and if he was going to succeed in life, he needed to be doing better things with his time.

Back at the house, I asked him to read one of his comic books to me. Teacher was right. He wasn’t reading the words, but he was excited to share how the images worked to create a story. The more he talked the more I realized that he understood the graphics in ways I’d never noticed. In fact, I was blown away and immediately doubled his comic book allowance. Although I did suggest that, maybe, he shouldn’t take them to school.

He’s still teaching me about how images can create wordless stories. He just forwarded this video as a prime example. It’s wonderful!!!! Enjoy.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


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