Family History: Mark Twain Quote

mark twain photoIn his newly released Autobiography Mark Twain argues that the usual cradle-to-grave account of one’s life makes less sense than our meandering memories . . .

“The side excursions are the life of our life voyage, and should be, also of it’s history.”

Mark Twain

In other words, tell me, instead, about the day the circus came to town or how you fell out of the apple tree or why you like oysters.



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5 responses to “Family History: Mark Twain Quote

  1. Bette Rehner

    I agree. Not only makes sense, but the meanderings are also much more interesting and telling.

  2. We spend more of our time sleeping than anything else. But our stories are not about the things we do over and over. They are about the things we did only once. Like the time when my brother were little boys and I dragged a 14-foot ladder across a plowed field. If we did that, our father said, he would get us the baby owls that lived in a next high in an old cottonwood tree. Dad never expected us to succeed, but he felt he had to keep his promise. That evening he climbed the tree. When he reached into the nest, the Moma owl shrieked and dived out of the sky with her claws extended. Dad said she hit harder than a horse’s kick, but he clung to a tree branch and managed not to fall. We kept the baby owls for a few days, but couldn’t get them to eat, so we put them back in the nest. Now, there’s a family story for y0u.

  3. the side excursions . . . i have been contemplating my path lately, so this really struck a chord with me.

    i love this quote thank you for posting it.

  4. In taking family history seriously . . . Now who would know your family better, you or someone else who is a non-relative and never met your family?

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