My Dictionary Definition!

Keep Boulder Weird LogoOk, I’ve spent way too much time trying to tell my story. I should have looked myself up in the Urban Dictionary!!!

1. Boulderite

A general class of people similar to the Hippie, who live on a diet of fruits, nuts, granola and other organic foods. Often liberal in thinking and very much into outdoor activities. They can be distinguished by their economical yet functional vehicles and their equally functional attire. Name is derived from the “all natural” town of Boulder, CO. (CLOSE ENOUGH TO BE SCARY)

You see that girl in the riding shorts and hiking boots with sunglasses on her head snacking on trail mix? That is one fine Boulderite.

2. Boulderite

One who:
1. Trains for a marathon before work.
2. Spends more than 10 hours a week in spandex. (I Wish!)
3. Eats out at fine establishments, wearing a fleece vest and expensive outdoor shoes. (ME!)
4. Carries plastic bags for picking up dog poop. (YES, ME)
5. Drinks 2oz. of espresso for breakfast, 2 oz. wheatgrass for lunch, and 24 oz. Microbrew with dinner.
6. Drives a Subaru Outback with some clever form of an anti-Bush bumper sticker. (Mostly Me!)
7. Buys groceries on a commuter bike, or cross country skis.(KINDA ME)
8. Owns Bikerack and Bike that costs more than the price of Subaru. (SORTA ME)
9. Lives within walking distance of a yoga studio. (ME!)
10. Wonders how CO can still be a Red State?! (ME!)

Spandex on by 6am, Cycling through Martin Acres, mildly hung- over, and completely stoned the Boulderite rode to Whole Foods for a Powerbar and a Matte Latte with soy.



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8 responses to “My Dictionary Definition!

  1. Ha, ha. Loved this–you and Jon are crazy boulderites alright, but I’d have to add a couple of items to the list:

    1. Concerned about the world in which we live and actively involved in creating awareness (CWA)

    2. Artistic and creative, with an eye to the natural and human beauty around them (your home personifies this).

  2. Indira Ganesan

    What a great website! I looked up New Jersey & the Hamptons. Who would wear a T-shirt with “The Hamptons” on it?!

    I’m 1/10th of a Boulderite…


  3. Gardening! Old bikes, birkenstocks! Too many Ph.D.’s!

  4. Very funny! And more or less right on the money. However, I’m pretty dismayed that such a huge number of Boulderites drive SUVs–which are neither economical nor good for the planet. I live near a school, and in mornings and evenings there’s a long parade of SUVs driving by as parents drop their kids off at school.

  5. Which came first, Keep Boulder Weird or Keep Austin Weird? I think the Austin thing started around 2003. Just wondering…..

    Love your definitions!

  6. Indira asked referenced New Jersey and The Hamptons. I have a couple of vintage T-shirts from my days a stringer for ‘New Jersey Monthly’ — one emblazoned with “New Jersey Tomatoes Are Best” and the other “I’m a Jersey Tomato.” Needless to say, I haven’t worn them around Boulder, but I keep them for nostalgic reasons. I loved writing for NJM.

  7. Also used to have a “New Jersey Tomatoes Are Best” shirt from my NJ days. Amazing.

  8. Jerrie, this is rad! Porter and I were probably Boulderites before we even got to Boulder.

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