Comma, Comma

graphic on commasThis is too good. How we tell our stories matters. Missed mentioning that how we punctuate our stories might also matter. Comma, comma, comma!

Not sure who created this. Just showed up in my e-mail this morning. Thanks, whoever you are.



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6 responses to “Comma, Comma

  1. Bette Rehner

    Funny! Reminds me how much I enjoyed reading Lynn Truss’s book: Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

  2. My grandmother used to write me letters when I was a child, and indiscriminately sprinkled commas throughout! She figured they belonged in there somewhere. It’s one of the things I love to remember about her.

  3. Nice comment, Gail. Isn’t it amazing how a trigger, like commas, can connect to a memory of your grandmother.
    I happened on an orange sea shell and remembered my grandmother bringing one of those back to me from Florida. At the time, Florida seemed such an exotic, far-away place!

  4. A writer friend talks about “the flying apostrophe,” often erroneously used to pluralize something — especially a family name. Gail wrote about her grandmother’s flying comma habit. And I too loved Truscott’s book.

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