Still Love Tiger Lilies!

First time I saw tiger lilies, I was visiting an elderly friend of my mother’s who had a row of them blooming along her driveway.Tiger LilyThey were so bright and colorful they took my breath away; I remember feeling stunned at such beauty. I wanted my mother to notice, but she was busy, doing adult things, I don’t remember what. I was six-years-old, and might as well have lived in a different universe. However, the lady noticed. She made my mother wait while she put some bulbs in a box. I kept the bulbs for years, tucked in a safe place, believing they were precious, but not knowing how to turn them into flowers.

Saw tiger lilies in a bouquet yesterday. Stops me, every time, with that remembered sense of wonder.



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5 responses to “Still Love Tiger Lilies!

  1. Hope you bought some from the florist and put thems someplace prominent for a few days of mid-winter enjoyment.

  2. Should have. Didn’t. I’m the one too busy with adult things these days!

  3. It never occurred to me to think of Day Lilies as wildflowers. Check out this website to see the dozens of domestic varieties.

  4. Bette Rehner

    I identify with your story on several levels. Being a child and appreciating being noticed, for one. Also, just the simple love of flowers that can come from the right early experience. My mother let my sister and me (I was also around age 6) have our own tiny flower gardens set in the midst of my parent’s big flower/vegetable garden. I especially remember the bright yellow buttercups I grew there. It’s a warm memory.

  5. Indira Ganesan

    I think Grant Wood’s home in Iowa City has individually named day-lilies all in the front yard.
    Thanks for a lovely entry, Jerrie

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