Stella Goes Out for Coffee

Larger than life is a term applied to heroes. They leave an impression. Stella, our three-legged Great Dane, does that. She can go out for coffee and come home immortalized as a cartoon by Boulder’s Shoney Sien.

Stella’s big, but gentle. She has a brown eye and a blue eye–not common in Great Danes. She likes to be petted but still manages to give the impression that she’s aloof, not needy.

Treats?–her highness needs a tester. The owner of a highbrow dog boutique offered Stella the house specialty–a liver brownie. She took it politely; then set it on the floor. It was only after another dog tried it that she decide to give the goodie another chance.

Every culture has made-up stories of clever animals. It is said that we project human characteristics onto the animals when we tell those stories. I’m more inclined to think animals draw out our better qualities.



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5 responses to “Stella Goes Out for Coffee

  1. Oh, there is NO doubt that the Lady Stella is a special dog! She bears her three-leggedness regally and inspires me to stop my whining over the inconsequential. She’s a love–

  2. Stella sounds like a cat’s personality in a Great Dane’s body. Wonderful profile. Wonderful illustration.

    Do you ever read ‘BARK,” the “VOGUE” of dog magazines? I wonder whether the buy short canine profiles. If so, this would be worth sending to them.

  3. I’ll check out BARK. Thanks.

  4. Hi, Jerrie — I’m visiitng your blog by way of Gail Storey’s/Amber’s blog. You’d commented there that you were learning Tai Chi this year, that standing on one leg isn’t one of your strengths — and all I thought was “You’re learning from the best of ’em!”
    Wishing you, John, and the grrrrls a magical 2010.

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