A Good Slogan Is A Story

M&MsWhat makes a good slogan, like “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand,” memorable?

It suggests a story. By the time we’re four, every one of us knows how good things can turn messy. M&Ms promises us chocolate without the anxiety.

Sears SloganSears launched their Christmas 2008 campaign with “Don’t just give a gift. Grant a wish.” Then they linked that slogan with real stories of Ty Pennington receiving his first toolbox and LL Cool J getting a turntable from his grandfather.

When Best Buy started using “You, happier,” they wanted their customers to see themselves leaving the store satisfied. Like the M&Ms slogan, “You, happier” plays off the idea that in other times and other places we haven’t felt confident about our purchases. Don’t repeat those bad experiences, Best Buy tells us. Shop here. They don’t have to fill in the story. We know.

What stories come to mind with these famous slogans?

“Reach out and touch someone,” AT&T
“He keeps going and going and going . . .” Energizer batteries

“We’re #2. We try harder,” Avis

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” United Negro College Fund

Why pay attention to slogans? Because they’re little stories and stories sell, especially when they’re clever enough to touch on our own experiences.


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One response to “A Good Slogan Is A Story

  1. “I’d walk a mile for a mild, mild Camel.” – A slogan that comes to mind now that I’m hooked on ‘Mad Men.’

    “Dude, you’re getting a Dell.”

    “The quicker picker-upper.”

    “Fly the friendly skies.” – If only it were true.

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