What Makes Us Remember?

It’s sometimes the simplest things that trigger a memory. Ask Bobbi A Chukran who grew up in grapevine, Texas on fried chicken and turnip greens.

240px-Loch_4She says, “My paternal grandmother was a sharecropper’s daughter. When I was growing up, so many of my stories have that Southern feel to them. Deep down, I feel lots more Southern than I do Texan, even though I was born here. My childhood was all about putting out trot-lines for catfish, not riding horses and herding cattle.
And by the way, I have a big old iron cauldron filled with hens-and-chicks just like my great-grandmother’s. It sits on my back patio underneath a shade tree.”

120px-Two_Hens_and_Chicks_3264pxYeah, yeah, I also have a love of hens-and-chicks because they grew by my grandmothers back door. Never have liked catfish. Point is, what we share is larger than our differences.

Check out Bobbi’s blog http://southern-fried-stories.blogspot.com/


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One response to “What Makes Us Remember?

  1. Hey, I’m with you on adoring hens and chickens (altho I don’t know why exactly) and also with passing on the fried catfish (even tho it was a regular on our table because my dad fished and my mama fried). I was wondering the other day about these so-called “golden” years and grumping a bit about it being “fool’s gold” when I realized that along with some short-term memory loss comes the resurrection of many more details of events of our long-term memories! That’s the gold–

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