Why Stories #2

Why do stories matter?

Because listening to someone else’s story is the only way we will ever understand why they do the crazy, foolish, stupid, insane things they do. The opposite is also true. Stories are our only hope of ever being understood. It’s why we’ll tell our story to anyone who’ll listen, even a stranger in a bar.

August: Osage CountySaw a riveting performance of the play August: Osage County at the Denver Center last week. The playwright, Tracy Letts, brings thirteen members of one family together. The patriarch of the family has gone missing. They fear his suicide. They fear not knowing. They fear responsibility, blame, duty. Everyone is living one lie or another because they fear the truth. The situation forces them to talk; they tell things they never told before. The result is devastating or enlightening depending on how each character chooses to handle the information. The laughs are real and frequent. The sadness cuts deep.

The play is also a perfect example of how we build our lives on our version of the truth–until someone tells us something new. Then more than our story changes; our whole life changes. Story matters, indeed.

Estelle Parsons

Estelle Parsons

August: Osage County starring Estelle Parsons plays through August, 2009, at the Denver Center. Don’t miss it. But don’t let them seat you on the 4th balcony. Evidently that’s reserved for season ticketholders, like me! That’s another story.


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One response to “Why Stories #2

  1. It always makes me feel good to read ‘like-minded’ blogs.

    Stories are what give us continuity, and as a Video Biographer, I am reminded of that every single day. There is a reason why we want to know who our ancestors were and where they came from and what they did. It’s the same reason why people want to preserve their life stories and experiences for future generations… it’s to find answers, both in the telling and in the sharing.

    I look forward to more such blog posts from you!

    Aditi Worcester,
    Save Their Story (Austin)

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