Story on Every Corner

I live three blocks from Daddy Bruce’s Barbeque, a landmark in Boulder, Colorado, not to mention THE place for ribs. And I think stories are important so I should have been paying attention. It took Yu Miao and Alan O’Hashi to tell me the story that goes with the ribs. Thing is, I knew there were stories on every corner, I just hadn’t paused long enough between bites of barbeque to get this one. Enjoy.

“My Own Corner” produced by Yu Miao; videography by Alan O’Hashi.



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4 responses to “Story on Every Corner

  1. Jerrie: Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful video! These are the best stories of all–stories of humble people who have worked hard all their life, kept their value system intact, gained a good measure of satisfaction and success in life. Hurray for Daddy Bruce!

  2. Thanks for posting this short Jerrie. Wonderful history about a couple of very special men. Too bad his children don’t want to step up and carry on the tradition. Karen Albright Lin

  3. This video is charming! I’ve passed Daddy Bruce’s place thousands of times and I’ve never gone in. Now I want to try some of his barbeque and meet this unassuming, gentle man. It’s great to know his story. Thanks, Jerrie, for discovering it.

  4. Gail Storey

    Jerrie, I loved this! Thanks for posting. I’ve always wondered about Daddy Bruce’s and it’s deeply heartwarming to know who’s in there. What an amazing man. And the video itself a true work of art, thanks for bringing these videographers to our attention.

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