The Wolf You Feed!

Oh, the wisdom of stories!!!

You can talk about good and evil, pontificate about ying and yang, try to explain the id and the ego. OR you can tell a story. This one is thanks to Carol Grever and her wonderful blog

Also check out her books and film

wolf   A grandmother is teaching her little granddaughter.  She says, “Two wolves are fighting inside you.  One of the wolves is hateful, angry, aggressive, envious, resentful, guilty, and despairing.  The other wolf is compassionate, joyful, peaceful, loving, hopeful, serene, kind, generous, and forgiving.  These two wolves are always fighting inside you.”

   The little girl thinks about this image of opposites for a moment, then asks, “Grandmother, which wolf wins?”

   The wise elder replies, “The one you feed.”


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One response to “The Wolf You Feed!

  1. I have bumped into this story a lot in the past 8 months. It is a great story. When I did the divorce rebuilding program last fall, they had that story in the binder that they provide participants. Would be neat if parents would tell this story to their children, perhaps every few months.

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