Story Quote #6

Will Rogers   




Will Rogers


“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

–Will Rogers, early 20th Century entertainer.

His story proves the point. He was never one to “just sit there.” He was successful at vaudeville, silent film, writing, roping, and speaking. He traveled the world and took up flying. Unfortunately, on a 1935 flight around the world, his plane, an experimental hybrid, crashed near Barrow, Alaska killing him and the pilot Willy Post.



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2 responses to “Story Quote #6

  1. This must be my day to read about people who “don’t just sit there” but engage in life. Denver Post food editor Tucker Shaw wrote a wonderful column about his 91-year-old grandmother who also still doesn’t “just sit there” — even after 9 decades. See and smile.

  2. Yes, check out the story at the Denver Post. It’s exactly the kind of story that I think matters in our lives. Thanks Claire for pointing it out!!!!

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