Starting Anew

Starting over is never easy. Yet, like it or not, starting over is common enough to have become its own classic story. According to this motif, starting over involves a journey, a struggle in a new place, and a change of such significance that the hero becomes a new person who often takes a new name. Going to college is an origin story. Getting married is an origin story. Having a child. Starting a new job. Moving to a new place . . .

Off to School

Off to School

We pack.

We say good-bye.

In this case, one of my aunts strikes such a classic pose, that we forget that going away to school wasn’t common in the 1940s. Not in Idaho. Not for a woman. She was setting off into unknown territory. The style with which most of us manage such a new beginning is often a reflection of how we think others have handled such things before.

In times of crisis does the family “take wing,” “ride it out,” “dig in?” The answer probably depends on how stories of beginnings are told in your particular family.


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  1. Now you’ve got me thinking! This is the sort of question I would love to talk over with my mum – she’s passed away a long time ago. My Dad’s still here but he’s none too talkative and that perhaps is a huge clue ….

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