Friday the Thirteenth!

A friend shared this family story with me. 

I know some people consider this a ‘bad’ luck day. For me it has 
always been good luck in a convoluted way. You see my father (who has 
since passed on) was born on Friday the 13th, at home. He was born 
three months premature and only weighed 2 lbs. 9 oz. To keep him alive 
they placed him in a shoe box on the oven door and gave him a shot of 
whiskey every hour. By the time he was 13 years old he was six foot 
two and weighed one seventy five.

So you see, in an odd way Friday the 13th is lucky for me.(Otherwise I 
might not be here.) This story has made its’ way into some of my 
writing in one form or another.

Thanks for letting me share. I find it a fascinating story and it is 

Doris McCraw



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2 responses to “Friday the Thirteenth!

  1. I love this story of Doris Mccraw’s dad. I wasn’t born on a Friday the 13th, but when born had difficulty breathing. Born at home, their remedy was to put me in front of an open window to let the April breezes lend a hand. Years later, we learn that two miles up the road was a mine that washed the valley in asbestos fibers which killed many of the residents over the years. But I’m still in this world, although far from my birthplace, seventy years later, and apparently healthy.

  2. I love Friday the 13th. Such a powerful, female, date! Lovely story.

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