It’s a Grand Granddaughter

Kaitlyn MaeThey’re all grand. This one was born yesterday 8 lbs 9 oz. 


I remember the day your daddy was born. He was a few ounces bigger and hungry. The nurses brought him to me early because he was crying and wanted to eat. Later we figured out that he wasn’t hungry for food; he was hungry for life. He stopped fussing when he started to crawl. Clearly, he had things he wanted to do, places to go, adventures to embrace. As a baby, he laughed earlier than usual and laughed a lot. He has always liked things that were funny–cartoons, joke books, comics, novels with a twist. He’ll be a fun dad.

Your mother is great too, but we haven’t known her as long. You’ll have to ask your other grandmother for her stories. 

Here’s what I want to add to the beginning of yours:

On the day you were born, your father send me a photo from his phone to mine before the doctor had even had a chance to finish checking you out. I can see the stethoscope measuring your heartbeat. It was near midnight in Colorado, I had to wake up your grandfather, who sat up, nodded and said, “good one.” Next morning, we emailed everyone we knew. Announced you on Twitter and Facebook (that was a first for our family). Then because it was Sunday and snowing and we were feeling rich and tender about family, we watched our two all-time favorite movies. Moonstruck and Wonder Boys because both of them seem to capture what’s good and complicated about life. By the time you grow up, those movies will, no doubt, seem old-fashioned. No matter. Watching them was a way to pause and acknowledge what is wonderful about being alive. None of us do that enough. Our blessings on you and your story.



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3 responses to “It’s a Grand Granddaughter

  1. Ah, what a wonderful blessing! How I’d LOVE to have a darling granddaughter, but it’s not to be. Still, I can have the supreme pleasure of knowing YOUR joy, altho I have to admit to a bit of jealousy that I can’t tell a grandchild the stories about when HER daddy or HER mommy was a child. Sunday, with snow falling and our physical world made special, seems a perfect day for this kind of magic!

  2. Congratulations! It’s so special when babies arrive – I became a great-aunt on Thursday and am still feeling warm and fuzzy. Sadly I won’t get to hold my new niece for many months since she lives in South Africa. I like the idea of writing a story for her … have to think on that one.

  3. What a wonderful message to a baby.

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