All Moms Are the Same–Including Me

Ok, I hate stereotypes, especially stereotypes of moms and mother-in-laws. Too easy. Not fair.

Then I come across a laugh-out-loud funny like this video and have admit that all moms are the same. If this doesn’t make you think of some story involving your mother, you are an orphan or an alien. Enjoy!!



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5 responses to “All Moms Are the Same–Including Me

  1. I’m quite certain I’m not an orphan, so I suppose that makes me an alien. Which would explain so much …

  2. This is fantastic! I guess we DO all say the same stuff. If I’d had this recording when my kids were growing up, perhaps I could have just played the intro music after awhile and then they would have known they were busted at WHATEVER they were doing–because our kids all know this stuff, too!

  3. attentiontolife

    Oh my, oh my…

    Sad! I didn’t hear my mom as much as…I heard ME! Yikes!

    That’s a wonderful presentation of momhood.


    All good wishes!!

  4. Jerrie,

    I have seen this clip before and, seeing it again, my reaction was the same: I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

    I have never had children, but I was a child once and, therefore, had a mom. I can relate!

    Thanks for the comic relief.


  5. Hysterical! I heard myself – a LOT! Ouch! Time to call the kids and apologize – again!

    Thanks for posting. Fun to read.

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